A Bridge to the Future

This is a high-energy contemporary show with an urban feel built around the concept of a big city construction project.  From the exciting opening section of "Breaking Ground" we move to the low down and dirty blues of "High Steel Blues".  This can feature your also sax soloist!  The percussion section is featured on "Cement Mixer" and we move to the project completion with "Git 'R Done!"


This show is an adventure fantasy quest fire-breathing dragon.  It begins with a solo written for several instruments allowing you to feature different players.  "The Quest Begins" with an exciting opener followed by the mysterious "Old Sorcerer!"  A very scary section as "The Dragon Awakens" is followed by "The Final Battle".

Exploration, Discovery, and Conquest

This show was originally inspired as a tribute developed into a broader and more abstract concept show dedicated to the spirit of well known classical music that can be used as a soundtrack to our story.  We open with Strauss' "Also Sprach Zarathustra" made famous in the movie "2001:  A Space Odyssey".  This moves immediately into "Mars" from "The Planets" by Holst, building excitement and tension in our opener.  Next we hear the beautiful hymn from "Jupiter" also by Holst.  We move next into the powerful melody from "Fugue in g minor" by Bach-featuring the percussion!  Then we close with perhaps the most exciting and well known finale in all of classical music--the finale from the "1812 Overture" by Tchaikovsky!  This show gives you a chance to do a classical music show that will still entertain "Bubba" in your stands as well as allowing you to develop your own visual package and ideas!

Fire and Ice

"Fire and Brimstone" opens with a haunting solo that is written for several instruments allowing you to select the solo that best fits your band.   Then we move into a "burning" opener!  The sound of sleigh bells and Christmas music bring us colder weather with a rocking version of the "Icicles", a haunting ballad with some dark chord changes.  The show comes to a dramatic conclusion with the finale to "The Firebird" by Stravinsky.  This show includes an optional synthesizer part that will add special effects to your ensemble sound.  This is a challenging program that offers lots of visual opportunities!

Lincoln Tribute

This is a different type of patriotic show commissioned in honor of Abraham Lincoln's American themes along with original music based on the "Battle and light theme based on Lincoln's early career.  The contrasting low brass and upper voices in a lively "debate".  Next, we hear "A House Divided" which represents the Civil War.  This is followed by a brief return to happier times "With Malice Toward None", but this is suddenly interrupted by "Assassination and Mourning".  The show concludes with "Lincoln's Legacy" featuring a dramatic finale on "Battle Hymn of the Republic".  This show includes an optional narration featuring some of Lincoln's most famous speeches.  Your fans will love this patriotic tribute.

New World Symphony

The music of Dvorak adapts very well for marching band and makes for a very exciting and entertaining show!  This show is a little more challenging than appeal to your fans because so many of the melodies and themes are well know to even non-classical music fans.

Primary Colours

This is a show based on the concept of the three primary colors with a different section representing “Red”, “Blue”, and “Yellow”.  The show opens with a slow and mysterious section where we first hear the “Red” theme introduced.  This soon segues into a fiery “Red” opener.  Next, we hear “Blue”, a very slow and melancholy ballad that has the option to feature several soloists.  Finally, we hear “Yellow”, a very bright and up-tempo section that builds to an exciting finale.  Obviously, this show offers many “colorful” visual opportunities”!

Symphonic Rock!

In this show we take some of the most well-known pieces of classical music and make them rock!  We open with “Say what, Aarathustra?”, a funky version of the famous Strauss theme.  We then segue into a hard-driving opener called “Rockin’ 9th” from the finale to Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.  Next, there is a slower change of pace entitled, “Largo Blues” based on the 2nd movement from Dvorak’s “New World Symphony”.  Next, we hear “Funky Beethoven”, a funky groove based on the 5th Symphony.  The finale is “1812 Boogie”….think of this as Tchaikovsky meets ZZ Top!  Your fans and students will all enjoy this rockin’ classical show!