Jolly Roger: A Pirate's Tale (most popular)

Ahoy mateys!  This be a swashbuckling tale of pirates and adventures on the high seas!  After a bold fanfare, we hear the opening theme "Pieces of Eight". This is followed by "A Pirate's Jig" featuring the woodwinds on a lively dance theme.  "Walk the Plank" has the low brass playing a brief variation on the main theme. "Buried Treasure" is a dark ballad based on an old familiar melody. "Broadsides!" is a battle at sea with driving percussion and dissonant chords. Then we "Escape to the Open Sea" with some bold brass fanfares before the "Reprise and Finale" section brings our tale to an exciting conclusion. This playable package for young bands. Your students and fans will love this show!

Selections from Carmen (most popular)

If you ever wanted to do an opera show with your band but thought it would be too difficult--think again!  This show captures all of the excitement and romance of Bizet's opera while remaining very playable and accessible to small schools and young bands.   This show includes all of the most well-known themes so even if your audiences are not opera buffs, they will recognize manyof these famous melodies.

Code of the Samurai (most popular)

This show is based on the legendary Samurai Japanese melodies and themes.  It opens with a bold Japanese fanfare and continues This show is based on the legendary Samurai with "Training and Discipline", an exciting warriors and features many traditional opener with some nice contrasting woodwind themes in the "Meditation" section.  The low brass are featured on "Samurai Sword". Next, comes a beautiful ballad entitled "The Geisha and the Warrior".  This is followed by "Ninja Attack", an up-tempo section featuring driving percussion!  This show comes to a close with "Victory and Finale".  This show packs lots of excitement, drama, and color into an entertaining package.

9/11: Tragedy and Triumph

This show is a remembrance of the tragic events of 09-11-01 and a tribute to the American spirit!  It opens with a bold, contemporary “Fanfare”.  This segues into
an up-tempo opening section entitled “Morning in the City” with lots of contrasting sections.  Next, begins the “Attack on Freedom” with great dissonance and
bombastic percussion interludes.  This section gradually fades into “A Time to Mourn”, a dark and haunting hymn like section.  We then begin to hear the familiar strains of “Battle Hymn” which builds to a climactic finale section entitled “Freedom Will Triumph!”.  This is an exciting, haunting, and ultimately patriotic show that your students and fans alike will enjoy.

2010: The Odyssey Continues

This show is a sci-fi adventure!  We open with “Also Sprach Zarathustra”, the dramatic fanfare by Strauss made famous in many sci-fi movies.  Then we move into “Exploration”, a driving opener with some triplet rhythms reminiscent of “Mars” from “The Planets”.  Next is “Encounter”--a ballad with some lush chord changes. The “encounter” begins softly, but builds to a dramatic climax and segues into “Battle”, a conflict with the aliens section in a dark minor mode punctuated with percussion interludes.  Next, we hear “Victory Celebration” with big fanfare major chords.  We conclude with a reprise of the “Exploration” theme and a big finale!

The Adventures of Superspy

This show is a HOOT!  This is a fun spoof of every spy movie music theme you ever heard!  We have the exciting "Superspy" main theme followed by the "Beautiful Foreign Agent" theme.  Then there is "The Evil Villain"--gotta have that!  The percussion get to rock during "The Chase Scene" and then the hero returns to save the world!

An African Odyssey 

This show is based on African themes and rhythms.  There are 3 or 4 larger sections that could be considered separate “drill” sections.  However, each of these is also subdivided into smaller segments as new thematic ideas are introduced.  Each of these smaller segments are subtitled with the names of different African geographic features that are represented by the musical themes or moods of that segment.  The use of percussion is very important throughout the show.  The percussion not only establish the African “feel” of the show, but the short percussion interludes can also be used for visual transitions in the drill.

African Ritual and Dance (Grade 2.5)

This show is based on traditional African ceremonial and dance music.  We open with *Ritual* where we hear a solo trumpet in a chant-like call.  This is followed by a big full band fanfare and then the tempo changes with some native drumming.  The rest of the opener is some lively syncopated melodies with some woodwind interludes.  Next, the mood changes with *Ceremonial Prayer*, a haunting ballad that can feature our alto sax soloist.  Suddenly, the *Dance Finale* begins with pulsating minor melodic patterns and your percussion section is featured on some traditional African drumming.  There is a brief *Reprise and Finale* that brings the show full circle and builds to an exciting conclusion.  Wow!  Talk about visual possibilities!

Alaska: The Great Land (Grade 2.5)

This is a tribute to the great State of Alaska, “America’s Last Frontier!”  The opening “Creation” is a dramatic and up-tempo tale of Alaska’s beginnings—volcanoes, glaciers, mountains, rivers, and the Aurora Borealis.  Next, we hear “Alyeska:  The First Nations” in a tribute to the Alaska Natives featuring tribal drumming and melodies based on Native folk songs.  A darker time in Alaska’s history is represented with “Russia” using music inspired by Shostakovich and Tchaikovsky.  We are suddenly caught up in the “Gold Rush!” with exciting Americana themes and some driving percussion.  Our tribute concludes with “Alaska Today” in a bold and powerful finale of modern day Alaska!

American Dance Medley

This show is a celebration of American dance styles.  We open with “Square Dance” which features a medley of “Cindy”, “Old Joe Clark”, and “Cotton-Eyed Joe” in a lively opener.  Next, we change pace with “Waltz” in a lovely ¾ melody.  Modern Country is celebrated with “Line Dance Boogie” in a 12-bar blues that will have everyone’s toes tapping.  We have a swinging finale with “Jitterbug” in a big band style closer that will get your audience on their feet.

American Musical Heritage

This show is a celebration of our “American Musical Heritage”.  It begins slowly with the old spiritual “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” which segues abruptly into a Dixieland jazz section on “When the Saints Go Marchin’ In”.  Next we hear a “Big Band Swing” section in the spirit of Benny Goodman and Gene Krupa that will have everyone doing the jitterbug!  Next we hear a change of pace with some “Low Down Blues”.  Finally, we move into the age of rock and roll, first with a “50’s Doo-Wop Rock” section and then a transition into “21st Century Rock” that includes an optional synthesizer part that rocks to a big finale!  Your audience and students will love this American musical journey.

Angels and Demons (Grade 2.5)

This show is a classic good vs. evil concept show.  It is written so that it can be performed some interesting staging and visual possibilities.  There is an introduction on “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God” which starts traditionally but morphs into a dark tonality hinting at things to come.   “Expulsion” opens softly with pieces of “Amazing Grace” but quickly evolves into a conflict between the Angel and Demon bands resulting in an exciting but foreboding opener.  “Tribulation” is a slow and l=mournful middle section symbolic of dark times in our lives.  “Conflict” erupts with themes stated by the Angel and Demon bands punctuated by percussion interludes.  Finally, we begin to find “Salvation” in a glorious, triumphant finale!

Around the World in 5 1/2 Minutes

In approximately 5 ½ minutes we perform music from 12 different countries!  After a brief intro on “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” ( or “God Save the Queen”!), we travel west to east making a musical stop in England, Scotland, Spain, France, Germany, Russia, Africa, Israel, Japan, Australia, Mexico, and a big grand finale in the good ole U.S.A.!  (whew!) This show is in a medley format and is one tempo from beginning to end.  It is surprisingly playable for young groups and small bands and is a guaranteed crowd pleaser!

Beowulf! (Grade 2.5)

This show is a dramatic musical tale of Beowulf, the hero of Norse legend!  There is an opening fanfare presenting “The Great Hall of Heorot” followed by an exciting opener on the main Beowulf theme.  However, the feast and celebration is interrupted by an attack by “Grendel!”  featuring dark themes and percussion interludes.  “From warrior to King” represents Beowulf’This show is a dramatic musical tale of Beowulf, the coronation and is a stately march based on “In the Hall of the Mountain King” by the great Norwegian composer Edward Grieg.  Next, is a dynamic final battle to the death with the “Dragon’.  This is followed by the “Funeral Pyre of Beowulf”, a mournful variation on the “Mountain King” theme.  The show concludes with a reprise of some earlier themes and a celebration of the life of Beowulf.  This show is packed with drama and action!   

Blessed is the Nation (Grade 2.5)

Psalm 33:12 says “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord”.  This show is a montage of music that is roots.  (God save us from political correctness!). There is a brief percussion intro on “Yankee Doodle” followed by an up-tempo “America the Beautiful” fanfare.  Then we contrast with several variations on “Simple Gifts” which closes in big dramatic fashion.  Next, we hear “Amazing Grace”, also with some contrasting variations.  We close with an exciting medley of “Stars and Stripes” (with a reprise of “Simple Gifts”) and a brief nod to “Battle Hymn of the Republic.”  This show is true to our American religious heritage.

Caribbean Dreams

This show takes us on a getaway to the islands of the Caribbean.  We open with “Caribbean Conga”, a lively There is an optional steel drum part for an added “island” style effect.  Next the tempo changes with “Crystal Waves” a flowing melody with a reggae Bob Marley-style of beat.  We feature the percussion on “Jamaican Drums” with some moving keyboard melodies and the drum line laying down the groove.  The show comes to a hot conclusion with “Volcanic Fire”, an up-tempo tribal dance that burns to the end!

Circle of Stones: A Celtic Fantasy (Grade 2.5)

"Circle of Stones:  A Celtic Fantasy” is a show based on traditional Celtic music centered around the ancient ruins at Stonehenge.  The show opens with a big
fanfare, then we move into the opening theme of "Setting the Stones" which is a driving Irish melody in 12/8 time.  Next, we melody in a minor tonality featuring a Celtic flute solo.  This is followed by "Druids", an up-tempo section with a melody percussion.  Next is "Solstice Celebration" accompanied by bagpipe sounds.  We conclude with "Reprise and Finale" with a big finish!

Conquest of the Mayan Empire

(Grade 2.5)

This show is a historical adventure tale of the Mayan Empire of Mexico and Central American and it’s eventual conquest and downfall.  It is a contrasting sections.  The show opens with a native flute solo followed by a bold fanfare.  The opening theme is then performed in an up-tempo opener entitled “Chichen Itza” named for the capital city of the Maya.  The theme is repeated and expanded in a ballad form in the second section entitled “Echoes of an Empire”.  This is abruptly followed by “Conquistador Invasion” which is a bold Spanish theme with percussion interludes.  “Reprise and Finale” closes the show with an echo of some earlier themes and a dramatic final section.  This show is very exciting while offering historical educational opportunities!

Cowboy Up: A Rodeo Spectacular

This show is based on the images and excitement of the rodeo!  The show opens  moves into the opener entitled, “Grand Entry”.  This is an up-tempo western theme featuring brass melodies, rhythmic accompaniment, and some lyrical woodwind sections.  Next, we hear the “Sweetheart of the Rodeo Waltz”, a ¾ ballad with some flowing melodies—a tribute to them “pretty This show is based on the images and gals”!  This is abruptly followed by the excitement of the rodeo!  The show opens excitement of the rodeo!  The show opens with a bold “Western Fanfare”, which then with a bold “Western Fanfare”, which then moves into the opener entitled, “Grand Entry”.  This is an up-tempo western theme featuring brass melodies, rhythmic accompaniment, and some lyrical woodwind sections.  Next, we hear the “Sweetheart of the Rodeo Waltz”, a ¾ ballad with some flowing melodies—a tribute to them “pretty gals”!  This is abruptly followed by the “Rodeo Clowns!”, a rollicking fun section featuring some percussion sound effects that will have your audience laughing!  The final event in the rodeo features the “Bull Riders”, a dark but driving section.  The show concludes with a brief “Reprise and Finale” based on the opening theme.

Da Bluze!

This show is a fun, swingin’, rockin’ tribute to the blues!  We open with “12 Bar Bluze”, an up-tempo swing version of the blues that features solos for trumpet and tenor sax (although other soloists may be substituted).  Next, we get down and dirty with the traditional New Orleans blues ballad “The House of the Rising Sun”, this time featuring a trombone soloist.  We bring the show to a rockin’ conclusion with “Tumbleweed Boogie”, an up-tempo Texas shuffle in the spirit of ZZ Top, John Lee Hooker, Stevie Ray Vaughn-----well, you get the idea!  Again, there are options for soloists.  Your students and fan will be groovin’ to “Da Bluze!”

A Day in the Life of an Adolescent

This show is a light-hearted look at the emotions that teenagers go through each day.  Imagine you are asking that special girl to go to the prom!  When the day begins, you are "Excited!".  This is a bright up-tempo opener full of energy and promise.  But soon you get "Worried".  What is she says no, or maybe, another guy will ask her first?  This segment is full of tension and anxiety, dissonance and percussion interludes.  You eventually are overcome with concerns and get "Depressed", a slow and mournful segment in a minor key.  But finally-----she says "Yes!" and you are "Happy".  We end our show (or day) with a vivacious and glorious finale.  This show will be fun for students and audiences alike!

A Day in the Park (Grade 2.5)

This is a fun and light-hearted show basedon the idea of children at play and things we might see at the park.  The show opens with variations on the theme from the “Minute in G” by Bach.  There is an optional woodwind ensemble opening before an up-tempo contemporary version takes over!  Throughout the show we hear bits and pieces of familiar children tunes like “London Bridge”, “A Tisket, A Tasket”, “Pop Goes the Weasel”, etc.  There is a bluesy ballad on “It’s Raining, It’s Pouring” as a brief shower interrupts the play.  When the rain passes we hear children teasing on “Nya! Nya!” with some percussion interludes moving into an exciting “Reprise and Finale” based again on the main theme.  This show is fun and exciting and will give your audience a few laughs!

D-Day! (Grade 2.5)

This is a show based on the D-Day invasion of Normandy, the heroic struggle to turn the tide of WWII in Europe and the aftermath.  We begin with “Dawn-June 6, 1944” with a soft but up-tempo intro that can feature soloists with a distant snare drum in a hymn-like intro.  This transitions to an abrupt minor key opener representing the invasion.  Next, we hear “paratroopers”, still up-tempo but brighter with some woodwind/keyboard flourished and bold brass fanfares.  Next, is “Aftermath” which begins with a reprise of the opening hymn that morphs into “Amazing Grace” with echoes of “Taps”.  There are two optional endings (or they could both be played).  The first features “Taps” and softly fades away.  The “Reprise” ending features an up-tempo reprise of the opening section with a big finale. This show is a unique tribute to the “Greatest Generation”.

December 7, 1941 (Grade 2.5)

This show is based on “A date that will live in infamy”, the attack on Pearl Harbor.  The show opens with “Pearl Harbor”, an up-tempo opener based on old sailing medleys even featuring an old sailor’s hornpipe jog.  This opening is interrupted by “Tora! Tora!  Tora!” as the attack begins.  We hear traditional Japanese melodies and optional taiko drums.  After the attack, we hear “Eternal Father”, the Navy Hymn as a nation mourns.  But this is followed by “The American Spirit” which begins softly and gradually builds to a glorious fanfare.  The show concludes with “On to Victory!” victory!  This show is very moving and will appeal to students and audiences alike.

Dinosaur Trilogy

Take a trip back to the prehistoric era with this show!  We open with A "Prehistoric themes.  Then we segue into the opening section entitles "Brontosaurus".  This section is up-tempo, but with a heavy "plodding" beat with some contrasting woodwind sections.  Next, we look to the skies with "Pterodactyl", a slower section but full of mystery.  Next, we meet "Tyrannosaurus Rex", a fast and frightening section full of scary sounds and driving rhythm.  We conclude with "Fanfare/Finale", a reprise of the opening themes and we drive toClick on the bottom image to hear a midi recording of this piece.

Fuego en el Llano: Fire on the Plains

“Fuego en el Llano—Fire on the Plains” is a Spanish/Latin-style screamer!  After a slow entitled “Fuego Salvaje—Wildfire”.  This is followed by an eerie ballad entitled “Noche el Fuego—Nightfire” which can feature a euphonium tenor sax, or other soloist.  The night-time quiet is broken by “Tormenta Incendio—Firestorm” which is a red=hotSamba with some cool latin percussion breaks.  We hear a brief “Reprise” of some earlier themes and then a driving finale.  If  show, this is it!

Global Echoes (Grade 2.5)

This show celebrates music from four different continents.  We open with “Spanish Fiesta” which begins with a bold fanfare reminiscent of the bullfights before we segue into an up-tempo fiesta.  Next, we travel to the orient with “Japanese Flowers”. A pretty ballad based on Asian melodic lines.  Next, it’s off to the Middle East with “Moroccan Drums”, featuring the percussion section.  Finally, we return home with “American Fireworks” And themes.  Your audience will enjoy this global journey!

The Glory That Was Rome (Grade 2.5)

This show is a tribute to the glory that was the Roman Empire.  We open with the powerful "Entry of the Centurions" featuring some soaring French horn lines.  We move into a driving theme with a strong trumpet melody.  The woodwinds are featured in the "Roman Festival" section.  Then, the low brass sound off on "Hail Caesar"!  This exciting opener is followed by "Venus, Goddess of Love", a beautiful ballad featuring some lush melodies and chord changes.  Next, we journey to "The Colosseum" where we may see gladiators or chariot races!  There is an exciting percussion feature which segues into our finale, "Ghosts of Legions Past".  This finale starts softly but builds as one long crescendo to a huge and dramatic conclusion!This show is more challenging than some, but it is an opportunity for your band to bring lots of drama to the field!

Grand Finale (Grade 2.5)

This show is one long Grand Finale!  It is a endings in music.  There is everything from serious classical literature, jazz, pop culture, to some tongue-in-cheek humor!  It has section in the band.  Since it is done in a medley format, you can arrange it to fit your needs, skip sections, rearrange the order, whatever works best for you.  Yogi Berra once said "It ain't over 'till it's over!"  and your audience won't know when this show is over 'till it's over!  Have some fun with this show!

Grand Slam! A Baseball Tribute

 “Opening Day” begins as a baseball game with an excerpt from our National Anthem.  Then we “Play Ball” with an up-tempo opener variation on “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”.  Next, we change pace with a visit to the “Hall of Fame” with a musical tribute to three baseball legends.  “Ruth” is represented with some ragtime jazz, “Robinson” is represented by Overcome”, and Ryan with “The Yellow Rose of This show is a tribute to the great American game of Texas”.  The next segment is “Sounds of the Game” and is a collection of music we hear at the game----along with some rockin’ percussion.  We continue with “7th Inning Stretch”, “Bottom of the 9th/The Wind-up/The Pitch/ and Walk-Off Home Run!”  bringing out baseball tribute to a major league finale!

Groovin' With the 60's

This show celebrates the music of the 1960’s from flower power and the summer of love to Woodstock and hard driving rock and roll!  The opener is entitled “Woodstock” and is an up-tempo celebration guaranteed to get  your audience groovin”!  Next is a ballad entitled “Love power movement.  We move into a funky groove with “Can percussion.  The show closes with “Rock and Roll Medley” which takes you through a psychedelic rockin’ finale!  Break out the peace signs, tie-dye, and bell bottoms!

Guardians of the Galaxy (Grade 2.5)

This is a science fiction action/adventure show that is flexible enough to allow you to develop your own story line!  The show opens softly with a mysterious melody, but quickly erupts into a "Guardians Theme!"  "Quest for Peace" is a brief woodwind interlude followed by "Seeds of Rebellion" featuring the low brass on a dark theme.  "Into the Orion Nebulae" is a lush ballad with some mysterious chord changes.  The peace is suddenly driving battle scene!  There is a brief "Peace Reprise" followed by a glorious "Victory and Finale" section!  The show also offers an "Optional Dark Ending" that will leave your audience hanging!  This show is pure excitement and entertainment for both your students and your fans!


This is a show celebrating the everyday heroes in our lives, the people who inspire us.  We start out in "Small Town, U.S.A.", feel that includes some flowing woodwind interludes.  Then "Life Gets Chaotic", full of syncopation and dissonance representing our busy and chaotic everyday lives.  We also build tension with some driving percussion.  Suddenly, "Tragedy" strikes our daily lives and we mourn for our heroes and loved ones. This mournful ballad can also feature some soloists.  Finally, we celebrate our "Everyday Heroes" with the melody from "Simple Gifts".  This finale begins quietly with reflection and then builds to an exciting conclusion and tribute to our heroes.  This show is meant to be uplifting and inspiring!


This is a show based on the concept of a giant meteor or asteroid on a collision course with Earth!  The show begins softly with a flute soloist playing the opening phrase to the hymn "It Is Well With My Soul".  This is interrupted by the fanfare from "Also Sprach Zarathustra" representing the meteor on its ominous approach.  Then we break into "Meteor Sighting", an up-tempo opener on a modal theme with a pretty woodwind interlude.  The next segment is "Warning and Prayers", a dark minor key ballad featuring an alto sax solo.  This segment closes with the chorus from "It Is Well"..." representing prayers from the people of Earth.  This is followed abruptly by "Chaos and Impact!", a fast and rhythmic final segment representing chaos on Earth, some percussion interludes, and a chromatic segment that builds to the final impact!  The show closes as it began with a solo flute playing "It Is Well With My Soul".

Jazz Phases

There is a slow, spiritual-type of intro based on “Just a Closer Walk a dixieland-style roll-off and we break into “When the Saints Go Marchin’ In”.  This is followed by “Da Bluze”, a low down 12 bar blues featuring a sax solo and a big “shout” Boogie”, a red hot swing finale!  This show is guaranteed entertainment.

Journey of Joy: The Music of Beethoven (Grade 2.5)

The music of Beethoven is timeless and is opens with selections from “Symphony No. 5” and is filled with energy and foreboding with some contrasting woodwind and percussion interludes.  Next, we hear the beautiful melodies and lush harmonies of the “Adagio Pathetique”.  This is followed by “Scherzo” and features the percussion on a lively 6/8 section.  The show concludes with “Ode to Joy” from the 9th Symphony bringing this Beethoven tribute to a glorious finale!.


This is a contemporary concept show based on ideas associated with a kaleidoscope.  We open with Cylinder of Colors*, a bright up-tempo fanfare with some shimmering woodwind and keyboard sounds.  *Reflections* is a melancholy ballad in a minor key. Then we move into *Chaotic Patterns* with its rhythmic patterns and percussion features.  We close with *Glass on Fire*, a burning finale with dissonant chords and dark low brass melodies.  The show concludes with a brief reprise of the opener and some huge chords building to a colorful finish!  Talk about visual possibilities!

The Last Roundup! 

This is a western-themed show based on old cowboy ballads.  We open with a western movie style fanfare and then move into an up-tempo version of *Red River Valley*.  There is a contrasting woodwind interlude on *Streets of Laredo* then a return to the opening theme.  Next, there is a beautiful ballad based on *Home on the Range* with some nice flowing counter-melodies.  The finale begins with *Whoopee-Ti-Yi-Yo*, a real western barn burner!  There is a ripping percussion interlude on *Turkey in the Straw*, then a reprise of the opening fanfare with a big finish as we ride off into the sunset!

Leyenda de los Mustangs

This show has a strong Spanish flavor throughout and is based on the legend of the first horses to be brought to the New World.  The first section is very up-tempo
and is the story of the horses of the Conquistadors.  This is followed by a beautiful Spanish ballad representing the horses running free on the plains.  The final section is all-out excitement as the horses are trained by the master horsemen--the Comanches!  If you are looking for a playable Spanish-style show, this one is already a proven Division I winner!

Master of Illusion

The idea for this show is based on a magician and tricks sounds like the background music to a Las Vegas style magic show.  The first big "trick" is "sawing a person in half" followed by the very mysterious "Levitation".  The show concludes with an exciting "Disappearing Act" for the grand finale.

Maximilian's Gold

“Legend says that in 1866, Emperor Maximilian of Mexico smuggled gold and jewels from the Mexican treasury out of the country shortly before his overthrow and execution.  The treasure was supposedly buried in Castle Gap in West Texas but the expedition was ambushed by Comanches near Ft. Concho.  There was only one survivor who died later, but not before telling the tale of buried treasure.  “Smuggled Treasure” is an up-tempo opener with Western/Spanish themes.  “The Long Trail” is a lonely Spanish-style ballad.  “Castle Gap” is a barn-burner section with driving percussion interludes.  “Ambush at Ft. Concho” starts dark and mysterious and builds to a dissonant impact moment followed by a melancholy reprise of the “Trail” theme.  We conclude with a “Reprise and Finale” with an exciting ending.  This entertaining show will bring out your treasure hunting sense of adventure!

Metal Madness

This is a show celebrating metal and machinery with a more contemporary feel. With syncopated rhythms punctuated with the metallic sounds of brake drums. This is followed by “Mechanical Mystery”, an unusual ballad with a blues/rock sound that can feature soloists.  “Cold Steel Rhythms” is a syncopated rocker featuring some percussion interludes with woodwind flourishes.  We close with “Engine Sparks” which starts moderately and accelerates to a screaming finale!

Music from the Dark Side

Take your audience on a journey through the darker, more sinister side of classical Mussorgsky’s “Night on Bald Mountain” complete with its driving rhythmic bass lines contrasted with flowing woodwind melodies.  Next, we change pace with Berlioz’ “March to the Scaffold” from his “Symphonie Fantastique” with all its dark foreboding of impending doom.  For the finale, we close with excerpts from “Dream of a Witches’ Sabbath” also from “Symponie Fantastique” by Berlioz.  This final section features some driving percussion and huge chords building to a dramatic conclusion.  This “dark” but fun show offers many visual possibilities.

The Music of Gustav Holst

This show is a tribute to Gustav Holst featuring music your audience will love*and probably *Moorside March* with its driving minor key melody and a lyrical woodwind feature in the middle section.  Next is *Song Without Words*, a beautiful folk melody from the *Second Suite in F*.  We close with selections from *Jupiter*, perhaps Holst*s best known work.  We feature percussion, woodwinds, and end in dramatic fashion.  The music of Holst makes for an exciting marching show.

Mysteries of the Nile (Grade 2.5)

This show is an exciting journey to ancient Egypt.  It opens with "Hall of Pharaohs", features the woodwinds on "Festival of Isis", and low brass on "The Sphynx".  There is the beautiful "Cleopatra" and exciting "Ra, the Sun God" featuring the percussion.  The show closes with the dramatic "The Great Pyramid".  This show offers lots of visual possibilities.

Mythology (Grade 2.5)

This show is a journey through the mythology of ancient Greece.  It opens with a bold fanfare entitled “Mount Olympus”, the home of the gods.  This segues into “Ares, God of War”, a dark and driving section with some evil sounding based on “Aphrodite, Goddess of Love”.  A flourish of woodwinds and brass announce the arrival of “Poseidon, God of the Sea”.  The show reaches a huge finale with “Zeus, King of the Gods”.  This show is full of excitement and offers plenty of dramatic visual

'Neath an Irish Sky

"'Neath an Irish Sky" is a collection of traditional Irish folk songs arranged for marching band.  The show opens with "Follow Me Up to Carlow", an exciting 12/8 jig in a minor key that will get everyone's toes tapping with its contrast of percussion, bold brass, and woodwind interludes.  Next, there is "The Moorlough Shore", a haunting ballad that can feature a flute and alto sax soloist.  Next, is "The Wearing of the Green", an up-tempo melody that dates back to the Irish Rebellion and features your percussion.  "Reprise and Finale" brings the show full circle with a reprise of the "Carlow" theme that builds to a big finale.  This is a show that St. Patrick and your audience will love!

Odysseus (Grade 2.5)

This show is a marching band interpretation of the story of Odysseus and his journey home from the Trojan War.  We open with "The Voyage Home Begins", a bold fanfare section theme.  There is a brief woodwind interlude representing "Penelope's Theme", the long waiting wife of our hero.  Next we meet "The Cyclops!", a giant one-eyed monster.  This segment is dark and dramatic with exciting percussion interludes.  Now, we hear the "Song of the Sirens", the mystical beings that lure sailors to their death on the rocks.  This is a mysterious ballad in a minor mode.  The final segment is "The Battle for Ithaca" where Odysseus must wage a battle for his home.  There is an emotional reunion with "Odysseus and Penelope Reunited" followed by a "Reprise and Finale" leading to a dramatic conclusion.  This work inspired by the writings of Homer will have many visual opportunities to appeal to your audience!

One for All, All for One

Inspired by “The Three Musketeers”, this show will take your band on a swashbuckling adventure.  fanfare followed by an exciting up-tempo theme contrasted with flowing woodwind melodies.  Next, there is “d’ Artagnan and Constance”, a lovely but mournful ballad representing the star-crossed lovers that can feature an alto sax soloist. Suddenly, we begin “The Siege of La Rochelle”, a fiery and dark theme featuring low brass melodies and driving percussion interludes.  The show comes full circle with “Reprise and Victory!”, a dramatic finale recapping some earlier themes and building to a glorious finish.  Your audience is sure to enjoy this exciting show based on a classic literary work


"One" is a show designed around the concept of "One Dream, One Love, One Goal, Out of Many, One".  The show opens softly with an optional flute solo but quickly builds to a big fanfare and opener on "One Dream".  This is followed by "One Love", a beautiful ballad that features an optional trombone solo.  Next, we unleash the percussion section on an exciting segment called "One Goal".  The finale segment reprises many of the earlier themes representing "Out of Many, One" and builds to an exciting conclusion.  This conceptual show offers many exciting visual opportunities.


*This is a concept show about the struggle in all of us to overcome the dark times in our lives and move into the light.  It is told with well-known classical works setting the imagery.  We open with the fanfare from Tchaikovsky*s *Symphony No. 4*, then segue into Beethoven*s *Symphony No.5, 1st mvt*.  Next, we visualize the struggle between Dark and Light with contrasting themes from Verdi*s *Dies Irae* and Bizet*s *Prelude to Act III from Carmen* punctuated with percussion interludes.  We finally move into the light represented by the opening chords from Dvorak*s *New World Symphony*.  This is followed by serenity with Bliss*s hymn *It is Well with My Soul*.  We conclude with perhaps the best musical representation of rebirth, Stravinsky*s *The Firebird*.  Use your imagination to build a beautiful visual package around this show.

The Pacific War

This is a show dedicated to the heroes that served in the Pacific theater during WWII. The show opens lowly with “Call to Duty” where we hear a solo trumpet representing the individuals that joined the services.  This segues to an up-tempo heroic opener with some nice woodwind interludes.  “Far From Home” is a slow swing tune reminiscent of the great torch ballads of the 1940’s band era.  Next, we hear the thunder of drums announcing “Banzai!”, an all-out assault featuring some Japanese folk melodies and bombastic percussion!  The finale section in a medley of patriotism featuring the service songs of the Marines, Navy, Army, and a brief “America” leading up to a big patriotic ending!

Phoenix Rising

This show was commissioned by a band that had lost their school in a disastrous fire.  The show is designed to capture the spirit of the community and their drive to rebuild and overcome adversity.  We open with "The Spirit Within", an up-tempo opener with a slight western feel that represents the spirit of the community.  The next section is entitled "Fire and Devastation" and represents the tragic fire that destroyed the school.  This seques into "A time for Mourning", a slower and sadder section.  However, we hear the heart still beating and we gradually build into the next section entitled "Rebirth and Celebration".  We conclude with "The Spirit Lives On' as the show ends with a finale of powerful chords.  This show is very playable by young bands.  We all have to learn to deal with adversity in our lives.  Perhaps you can adapt this show to your own unique situation and make it an inspiration to your students and community with your own" Phoenix Rising"!

Pictures at an Exhibition

This show features selections from Mussourgsky’s work “Pictures at an to an art gallery.  The piece opens with a trumpet solo on the “Promenade” theme.  This leads into a dramatic full band up-tempo variation on the opening theme with a brief woodwind interlude from another Mussourgsky work “Night on Bald Mountain”.  The next section is a ballad on “The Old Castle”.  This features an optional alto sax solo on a haunting Spanish theme.  This is followed abruptly by “Baba Yaga”, a barn burner section punctuated with several percussion interludes.  This section segues into “The Great Gate of Kiev” and brings our show to an exciting finale!

Realms of Magic

Beginning with a mysterious flute solo but quickly morphs into a dark and driving opening section.  Next, we explore the world of romance with “Love Potion”, a haunting ballad that can feature some soloists.  Suddenly, we enter the realm of “Voodoo” done in the style of a tribal dance featuring dissonant sounds and driving percussion.  We finish with the realm of “White Magic”, a bright finale section with some lively woodwind interludes that builds to a glorious conclusion.

Red Riding Hood

This is a show based on the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood but has a dark theme running through it.  We open with a bold minor key fanfare.  Then we hear *The Wolf* theme, a creepy and rhythmic up-tempo opener with some contrasting woodwind interludes.  Next, we meet *Little Red Riding Hood*, a lyrical ballad that features a flute solo representing the Red Riding Hood theme.  This is abruptly followed by *The Attack!* featuring the opening theme from Verdi*s *Dies Irae* and a percussion interlude featuring mallets on a Bach theme.  There is a *Reprise* of earlier themes that builds to an exciting *Finale*.  But wait*there is an alternate ending that features the Red Riding Hood theme and ends quietly.  Did she escape*or not?!


This show is based on music you might hear at an old time country church or tent  revival!  We open our service with the traditional "Doxology" before making the
transition to a rousing version of "Down by the Riverside".  Next, we change pace with a medley of two traditional hymns.  First we feature the woodwinds on "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot", and this segues into the beautiful "Just A Closer Walk With Thee".  We bring our service to a hand-clapping finale with a medley of "I'll Fly Away", a percussion feature on "When the Saints Go Marching In", and the full band again on "Will the Circle Be Unbroken".  This gospel medley may not fit in every community, but this collection of Gospel favorites will be popular in many small towns.  Can I hear an "Amen!"

Ring of Demons (Grade 2.5)

 This is a fantasy/adventure tale loosely based on "Prisoner of the Ring" by Julie Giroux.  In the 1600*s, the Spanish Crown sought to expand their empire west to America.  Many conquistadors set sail for the new world and began an age of exploration in the unknown lands.  One conquistador led his men through the jungles of South America searching for riches.  They found many great jewels and gold, but none compared to a ring he claimed for himself to give to a woman. Unbeknownst to him the ring was cursed!  Once two lovers had awakened it, the wearer of the ring would be beset by a horde of demons.  Only the conquistador can save his true love.  If your band is ready for a tale of sword and sorcery, this show is for you!

Rock Phases

This is a driving contemporary rock show that your dancing!  This is all original music, but there are influences of Van Halen, Nickelback, Aerosmith, Motown, etc.  After a rockin' percussion intro, we open up with an exciting "Rock Fanfare".  There is a half-tempo middle section with a bluesy melody.  The low brass will have the fans clapping along on their feature section.  Next, we move into a beautiful "Rock Ballad"  that can feature your flute soloist.  Then, we get a real groove going with "Funky Munky"!  You can't sit still to da' funk!  We close with a driving "Rock Finale" that is guaranteed to rock the house down!  Your students and fans will love this rock spectacular!

Russia: Conflict, Communism and Celebration

This show represents the spirit of the Russian people and their struggle for freedom.  It features the music of Rimsky-Korsakov, Tchaikovsky, and other composers as well as Russian folk music and music.  There is a lot of symbolism and a great story line with this show.  It is very playable by small school bands and offers a unique teaching opportunity.  Your students will have a greater understanding and appreciation of the Russian people.

Selections from the Planets

(Grade 2.5)

This show features the music from "The Planets" by Gustav Holst.  We open with "Mars" and it's driving 5/4 rhythms and dissonant melodic line.  There is a contrasting woodwind section before we return to the powerful opening theme.  Next there is an excerpt from "Venus" and some flowing melodic lines.  Then the percussion section is featured on the opening theme from "Jupiter".  This is followed by the dramatic "Hymn" section.  Up-tempo 3/4 on the final segment from "Jupiter" before building to a big finale on a chord progression from Dvorak*s "New World Symphony".  "The Planets" is always popular and this show is written to give small school bands an opportunity to perform this great work!

Selections from Scheherazade

(Grade 2.5)

This show is based on themes from “Scheherazade”, The great classical work by Rimsky-Korsakov.  It is based on the tales of Scheherazade, the beautiful Arabian girl being execution she captivates the Sultan by telling him a different tale each night but not finishing the story until the next day, when also begins a new tale.  After 1001 nights, she is freed, but by this time and the Sultan are in love and marry.  The show opens with “The Sea and Sinbad’s Ship” where we hear the bold opening theme followed by a lovely flute solo and plenty of excitement including a brief woodwind feature on “1001 Arabian Nights”.  “The Young Prince and Princess” is a ballad featuring beautiful melodies and lush harmonies.  The show concludes with “Festival at Baghdad”, an exciting finale with a percussion interlude and huge ending!

Spartacus! (Grade 2.5)

Spartacus, the legendary gladiator and Roman Empire.  The show opens with a Spartacus, the legendary gladiator and trumpet fanfare announcing the “Gladiator
Entry” followed by “Arena”, a bold, up-woodwind interludes.  Next we hear a beautiful ballad representing the love beautiful ballad representing the love
between “Spartacus and Phrygia”.  The quiet calm is broken by “Rebellion” as the legions attack with dissonant melodies and thundering percussion.  The final section, “I Am Spartacus!”, begins slow and mournful representing the death of Spartacus but builds to a dramatic celebration of the quest for freedom!

A Symphony of Gifts (Grade 2.5)

This show is a festive celebration featuring three well-known works.  We open with the main theme from "Swan Lake", Tchaikovsky's beloved ballet.  We have a powerful fanfare followed by a flute soloist stating the main variations before bringing the opener to a dramatic finish.  This is followed by a contrasting ballad based on the "Symphony No.3" by Saint-Saens.  The first half is a slow ballad similar in style to the music from the movie "Babe" with the second half based on the concludes with a rendering of several variations based on "Simple Gifts", the traditional Shaker hymn.  Our show comes to an exciting finale sure to bring the audience to its feet!

Things That Go Bump in the Night

This show is pure spooky fun!  It is meant to be a light-hearted spoof of horror movies.  We have a slow and creepy introduction that builds up to a scream!  Then, we hear "What Was That?" which is our opening theme.  This is light and creepy with the sudden sound of things jumping out to "get cha"!  The next section is entitled "Haunted House" and is slow and mysterious with some ghostly melodies and chord progressions.  Next, it's time to do a little creepy jive dancing to the "Zombie Rhumba"!  The show concludes with "Confrontation and Escape...Maybe!".  This is up-tempo and scary fun!  We have a final burst of speed with "Run For Your Life" and we rush to make our getaway!  If you are looking for a fun show with a twist that is also very playable by young bands, this may be for you!

The Trail of Tears

This show is a dramatic tribute to our Native Americans.  It features original music as well as many traditional native music themes.  There is a dramatic intro followed by "Tribal Celebration", an exciting opener with a driving native beat and melody.  Next, we hear the haunting sounds of "Ghost Dance" featuring a solo flute on a traditional Indian flute melody.  Suddenly, we hear the bugle call of "Cavalry Attack" followed by a powerful low brass melody and driving percussion.  There is a brief reprise of the "Ghost Dance" theme and then the show concludes with the dramatic "Tribal Finale"!This show offers your band lots of visual possibilities and some colorful costuming options for your guard!

Visions of World War II

This show is the ultimate patriotic tribute to the Greatest Generation.  It is a montage of American patriotic music as well as music of Germany, England, France, Japan, and also features music of the U.S. Army, Navy, and Marine Corps.  It closes with an up-tempo swinging "Big Band Finale"!  Since this show is done in a medley format, it is easy to skip or rearrange sections to best fit your band.

Wanted: Dead or Alive!

“This show is a dark, western melodrama reminiscent of the old “spaghetti” westerns!  “Shootout at High Noon” starts ominously with a solo trumpet introducing the main theme.  This segues into a dynamic opener with western melodies in a minor key and contrasting woodwind lines.  “The Morning After” is a dark and mournful ballad representing the aftermath of the shootout in our small western town.  Next, the “Posse!” rides punctuated with percussion interludes.  “The Final Showdown” is a tension filled finale that reprises some earlier themes and builds to an exciting conclusion!